journal articles

    1. Filling a niche? The maize productivity impacts of adaptive breeding by a local seed company in Kenya
      Samuel S. Bird, Michael R. Carter, Travis J. Lybbert, Mary Mathenge, Timothy Njagi, and Emilia Tjernström

      Journal of Development Economics, 2022
    2. Learning by (Virtually) Doing: Experimentation and Belief Updating in Smallholder Agriculture
      Emilia Tjernström, Travis J. Lybbert, Rachel Frattarola Hernández, and Juan Sebastian Correa

      Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2021
    3. Heterogeneous Impact Dynamics of a Rural Business Development Program in Nicaragua
      Michael R. Carter, Emilia Tjernström, and Patricia Toledo

      Journal of Development Economics, 2019
    4. Money Matters: The Role of Yields and Profits in Agricultural Technology Adoption
      Jeffrey D. Michler, Emilia Tjernström, Simone Verkaart, and Kai Mausch

      American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2019
    5. Fitting and Interpreting Correlated Random Coefficient (CRC) Models Using Stata
      Oscar Barriga Cabanillas, Jeffrey D. Michler, Aleksandr Michuda, and Emilia Tjernström

      Stata Journal, 2018
    6. Natural Disasters, Social Protection, and Risk Perceptions
      Philip Brown, Adam J. Daigneault, Emilia Tjernström, and Wenbo Zou

      World Development, 2018
    7. Identifying the Impact Dynamics of a Small Farmer Development Scheme in Nicaragua
      Emilia Tjernström, Michael R. Carter, and Patricia Toledo

      American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Papers and Proceedings, 2013
    8. Do Differences in Attitudes Explain Differences in National Climate Change Policies?
      Emilia Tjernström, and Thomas H. Tietenberg

      Ecological Economics, 2008
    9. Rational Foolishness Would Destroy a Public Service Broadcasting System
      Sune Tjernström, and Emilia Tjernström

      Journal of Media Economics, 2008

    working papers

    1. Comment on Suri (2011) "Selection and Comparative Advantage in Technology Adoption"
      Emilia Tjernström, Dalia Ghanem, Oscar Barriga Cabanillas, Travis Lybbert, Aleksandr Michuda, and Jeffrey Michler
      Revision invited at Econometrica
    2. oaf_preview.png
      Relaxing Multiple Agricultural Productivity Constraints at Scale
      Joshua W. Deutschmann, Maya Duru, Kim Siegal, and Emilia Tjernström
      Revision invited at Journal of Development Economics
    3. Selection and Heterogeneity in the Returns to Migration
      Eduardo Cenci, Marieke Kleemans, and Emilia Tjernström
    4. Media and Motivation: the Effect of Performance Pay on Writers and Content
      Ivan Balbuzanov, Jared Gars, and Emilia Tjernström
    5. Air Pollution and Mental Well-being: Evidence from Australia
      Valentina Duque, Zachary Duretto, Josh Merfeld, and Emilia Tjernström
    6. Learning from Others in Heterogeneous Environments
      Emilia Tjernström
      Previous version circulated under "Signals, Similarity, and Seeds: Social Learning in the Presence of Imperfect Information and Heterogeneity"

    policy briefs

    1. Diverse Soils and Inputs Challenge Recommendations to Maize Farmers in Kenya
      Emilia Tjernström, Michael Carter, and Travis J. Lybbert
    2. Local Seed Company Fills a Niche to Increase Maize Productivity in Kenya
      Michael Carter, Mary K. Mathenge, Sam Bird, Travis J. Lybbert, Timothy Njagi, and Emilia Tjernström
    3. Spurring Technological Innovation and Poverty Reduction? Evaluating the Impact of a New Seed Market Actor in Kenya
      Michael R. Carter, Travis J. Lybbert, Mary K. Mathenge, and Emilia Tjernström
    4. Investing in Small-Farm Productivity: The Nicaragua MCC Compact
      Michael R. Carter, Emilia Tjernström, and Patricia Toledo

    other writing

    1. Agricultural Technology in Africa
      Tavneet Suri, Chris Udry, Jenny C Aker, Chris B. Barrett, Lauren Falcao Bergquist, Michael R. Carter, Lorenzo Casaburi, Robert Darko Osei, Doug Gollin, Vivian Hoffmann, Thomas Jayne, Naureen Karachiwalla, Haroun Kazianga, Jeremy Magruder, Hope Michelson, Meredith Startz, and Emilia Tjernström
    2. Price Premiums for Organic Strawberries
      Christine Carroll, Diane Charlton, and Emilia Tjernström
    3. Kunnigt och (o)kontroversiellt om råvarumarknaden (Book review of “Handbook of Primary Commodities in the Global Economy” by Marian Radetzki)
      Emilia Tjernström