Policy briefs and non-peer-reviewed articles

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  1. Diverse Soils and Inputs Challenge Recommendations to Maize Farmers in Kenya
    Tjernström, Emilia, Carter, Michael, and Lybbert, Travis J.
  2. Local Seed Company Fills a Niche to Increase Maize Productivity in Kenya
    Carter, Michael, Mathenge, Mary K., Bird, Sam, Lybbert, Travis J., Njagi, Timothy, and Tjernström, Emilia


  1. Spurring Technological Innovation and Poverty Reduction? Evaluating the Impact of a New Seed Market Actor in Kenya
    Carter, Michael R., Lybbert, Travis J., Mathenge, Mary K., and Tjernstrom, Emilia
    Mar 2014


  1. Identifying the Impact Dynamics of a Small Farmer Development Scheme in Nicaragua
    Tjernström, Emilia, Carter, Michael R., and Toledo, Patricia
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Papers and Proceedings Jul 2013


  1. Price Premiums for Organic Strawberries
    Carroll, Christine, Charlton, Diane, and Tjernström, Emilia
    Agricultural and Resource Economics Update Jul 2012


  1. Rational Foolishness Would Destroy a Public Service Broadcasting System
    Tjernström, Sune, and Tjernström, Emilia
    Journal of Media Economics Jul 2008


  1. Kunnigt och (o)kontroversiellt om råvarumarknaden (Book review of "Handbook of Primary Commodities in the Global Economy" by Marian Radetzki)
    Tjernström, Emilia
    Ekonomisk Debatt Jul 2009